Skiing school in High Tatras

You do not know how and where to start? We can help you with it!

Professional and attentive instructors will take care of making the teaching of skiing or snowboarding full of fun and great experiences. Skiing and snowboarding are beautiful winter sports full of dynamics and elegant movements.
Quality education and professionalism of our instructors is an insurance of quality teaching of first movements, curves and improvement lectures. The teaching under the supervision of our instructors will prevent unnecessary injuries and unwanted bad habits.

You can find our instructors at:

  • V Starom Smokovci - Grandhotel Bellevue
  • V Novom Smokovci – Jakubkovej lúke
  • V Novom Smokovci – Hotel Atrium
  • V Tatranskej Lomnici – near cabin cableway transport
Are you or your kids starting with skiing? Will you welcome an individual approach? Are you looking for specially trained instructors for kids as young as 3? Are you good on skis and beginning on snowboard?
Skiing is a popular sport, and it can be said that it is passed on from one generation to the next. The winter season in High Tatras practically calls for trying the skiing. Yet, not everyone knows how to ski, therefore there is a need for advice and tips at the beginning, how to handle first meters on skis and not just that. The beginnings on skis are also connected with correct ski equipment which is needed for every beginner.  When you are a beginner skier or you are only considering starting the sport, it is reasonable for you to rent the ski equipment.
Child or adult, beginnings are tough, but after a few hours the skiing does not have to be such a burden and a demanding activity. The beginnings are usually connected with making curves that look rather easy but from our experiences we know they are not that simple. When doing beginner curves, it is sufficient to use a specially trained instructor who can ensure you are learning a correct technique from your first standing on skis and are avoiding unnecessary mistakes. It is the participation of a specially strained instructor at the beginning that has proven successful. It serves as an inspiration to move forward in spite of small setbacks and last but not least as a safe pillar. He will safely take you through the techniques, consider the terrain and surroundings. 
Our services can help you feel good on skis. If you want to learn skiing, we have special skis meant especially for beginners. If you are an advanced skier and you want new equipment, in our rental shop we have ideal skis for you, ski boots, poles and many other accessories. Our rental shops at High Tatras will provide complete equipment and not just for the skiing.
Whether you are a beginner in this sport or you want to improve your skills, in our Skiing school you will find talented instructors focused on teaching children, enthusiastic about reaching your goals. Lectures with an instructor are the most effective way to learn skiing. 



PRICE LIST 1 person extra person
1 hour 25 € +11 €
1,5 hour 39 € +11 €
2 hours 45 € +11 €

Helmet to ski (snowboard) school for FREE.




SKIS adult child
COMPLET 20 € 15 €
Ski complet with a ski lesson only for 12 €
SNOWBOARD adult child
COMPLET 22 € 15 €
BOOTS 10 €
New models of skis and snowboards 2020 (Atomic, Salomon, Fischer): ADDITION +4 €

Price lists are valid from 14/12/2019.


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